Mishel Whale Custom 0
Mishel Whale Custom 1
Mishel Whale Custom 2
Mishel Whale Custom 3
Mishel Whale Custom 4

Mishel has two inflatable whales fully deflated, she explains how excited she is to play with them and ride them and what she plans on doing with them on this day. She fully inflates both of the whales by mouth, blowing her breaths into the nozzle. The first one is inflated and she lays back on the whale, rubbing her latex suited body all over it.


She inflates the second whale again full by mouth while laying on her first whales. Then she rides and presses against both of them for a long time, it feels so good for her. Then she deflates the first whale all the way and the second she pops with her long heels, making multiple holes in it.


Both then were sent to the customer to enjoy after Mishel had had her pleasure with them.